EMERGENCY RESPONSE: 1.866.208.8736

Rota Virus Clean Up (Emergency Response)

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Type of Job

Emergency Response

Project Owner

Christie Lake Kids

Number of Team Members

Up to 35


Christy Lake Camp for kids contacted Inflector’s emergency response team directly, immediately after Public Health Canada had shut the camp down. An incoming camper had brought the virus to the camp which immediately began to spread throughout the camp and campers became extremely ill. Within 24hours of the call, Inflector had a full team of 25 certified and trained hazardous clean up technicians onsite. Inflector worked with Public Health to provide a clear and precise scope of work that exceeded the requirements for virus and disease clean up in Canada. Inflector had only two weeks to clear 50 buildings across 80 acres of land. This schedule was extremely tight; the next session of summer camp was starting and we were all determined not to disappoint the next session of children. Inflector used specialized cleaning chemical machines, as well denomination showers and chambers, to ensure their workers safety and to make sure the disease did not spread further. Christie Lake is a charitable organization that allows under privileged youth to have an experience at summer camp like those from more fortunate back grounds. The project was a complete success and we encourage you to contact Christie Lake for references of our emergency response team’s capabilities.