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Choose Abatement Specialists for Decontamination Services in Response to Ongoing COVID-19 Measures

Choose Abatement Specialists for Decontamination Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Here at Inflector, we have been doing everything possible to keep our team members, clients, and businesses across the country safe. Over the past year, decontamination services in response to the ongoing measures to limit the spread of the virus have become a necessity. It’s important to know that settling for a commercial cleaner is simply not good enough when your health and safety are counting on such services. 

Choosing a professional team of abatement technicians – one with extensive experience and a proven track record – will always be the safer and smarter choice. Whether preparing your office for a safe reopening or disinfecting after a case was identified within your walls, we know how important it is to do things properly the first time around, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, talent, and techniques informed by years of hazardous materials abatement experience to ensure a safe environment.

Today, let’s explore the fundamentals of emergency decontamination services in the event of an outbreak.

COVID-19 Covered

When you call in an environmental contractor specializing in abatement for emergency COVID-19 cleanups, you’re getting no-nonsense access to the safest and most effective methods of service. While traditional, run-of-the-mill commercial cleaners carry basic coverage, we go the extra mile with thorough protection against a myriad of environmental issues. When it comes to decontamination, calling in the experts means having professional coverage, so there’s no need to source extra financial protection in the event of an outbreak. You also benefit from using a contractor backed by surety bonds, who must pass rigorous preapproval steps indicative of their experience, financial stability and demonstrated workmanship. Collectively, this means you’ll be assured of superior-quality work without any unwanted insurance surprises. 

You Need More than Surface-Level Cleaning

In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, basic commercial cleanings aren’t nearly enough to mitigate the risks. Abatement specialists not only ensure all touchpoints in the building, such as door knobs and handles, railings, elevator buttons, drawers, sink taps, etc., are sterilized along with all other high-contact surfaces, but they come prepared with rigorous health and safety standards. This means having the most advanced protective equipment, certifications and tools needed to keep everyone healthy and infection-free, working in full compliance with and aiming to exceed local, federal and provincial health guidelines. With commercial cleaning services, there’s no guarantee of such an attention to detail and focus on proactivity. 

We Can Seal off High-Risk Areas

If there has been a COVID-19 outbreak in a building, all areas at risk of harbouring viral bacteria from the infected individuals should be sealed off. As a safety precaution, abatement specialists can close off parts or the entirety of the property so they can work without coming into contact with everyday occupants – this also minimizes the risk of anyone picking up the virus. 

Survivability Variances

The safest decontamination services respect that COVID-19 strains have different tolerances and survivability time frames depending on the surface material in question. While cardboard is only “active” for around 24 hours, other surfaces such as fabrics allow viral bacteria to live for longer. Always check with your abatement specialist to ensure they are fully aware of these tolerances and survival times.

Hiring insured, fully trained, experienced and compliant abatement technicians is a must if your property experiences a COVID-19 outbreak, largely due to how dangerous and easy-to-spread the virus is. There’s no need to gamble by choosing a commercial cleaner who may or may not meet all required criteria. If you need emergency decontamination services, there’s no more experienced and capable choice than a professional abatement crew such as ours at Inflector. We’ve specialized in hazardous cleanups for years across multiple applications including government, industrial and commercial properties. To learn more about our emergency response capabilities and other environmental services, reach out to us today. We’re equipped to deliver absolute peace of mind and efficient results you can trust.

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