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Inflector Environmental Services offers a wide range of environmental services, each with experienced and specially trained technicians, using the latest technology and techniques to get the job done right. Our interdisciplinary team offers solutions and support for our clients – from end to end – providing these high-quality services and more, every step of the way.


    Mercury is a naturally occurring metal that has been used in the oil and gas, manufacturing, incineration, medical and scientific industries. Mercury was commonly used in thermostats, thermometers, batteries, compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent light tubes. Mercury can readily enter the environment if not properly contained or disposed of, which leads to human exposure and illness. In North America, standards have been put in place to reduce the risk of mercury exposure. These standards require the removal, handling and disposal of mercury containing products are controlled safely by qualified personnel. Inflector Environmental Services has a qualified team of professionals experienced in handling, removing and disposing of products containing mercury.


    Bird and animal excrement can be very dangerous. When excrement dries and is disturbed, fine particles and spores become airborne, along with infectious diseases and parasites which can be present and affect people in the immediate area. Inflector Environmental Services provides services to safely remove and dispose of bird and animal droppings.


    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for providing buildings with air. Poor HVAC system maintenance, inadequate ventilation, and chemical and biological airborne contaminants will result in poor indoor air quality, potentially leading to respiratory illnesses, allergies, and infections, such as Legionella.
    Inflector Environmental Services can provide professional services to clean and maintain HVAC systems, dramatically improving the air quality of any building.


    Infection control, a fairly new discipline in the construction industry, is guided by the Canadian Standards Association. The process is designed to set out “measures to protect patients, staff, and visitors from disease transmission and other health problems, such as allergic reactions, that can be produced by the construction, renovation, or maintenance of health care facilities” (CSA Z317.13).

    Inflector Environmental Services has been involved in many projects at health care facilities in recent years. Utilising specialty equipment along with our specially trained team and methodical approach, Inflector can undertake even the most complex infection control projects.


Inflector Environmental Services is committed problem solving for our clients. If you have issues that require damage restoration, sandblasting, selective demo, HEPA Coring and Cutting, and more, we can help.


    Coring and Cutting is essential to restore and build new concrete structures.

    It is important to Inflector Environmental Services is to complete the task with a minimal amount of residual effects which is why Inflector Environmental Services offers the unique service of HEPA-attached Coring and Cutting. No job is too small or too big.


    · Ozone Generators
    · Negative Air Units / Scrubbers (Abatement H2KM, Bulldog, H1990LM, Guardian) Over 300 Units
    · Blowers / Air Movers (RAM1000D) Over 300 Units
    · Dehumidifiers (Phoenix 200HT) Over 500 Units
    · 4800 Electric Desiccants


    Selective Demo involves removing on certain parts of a building or structure, rather than completely demolishing it.  These projects often require innovative solutions to unique construction issues. Inflector Environmental Services is known for our safe and effective work under challenging conditions. Our specially trained technicians can complete a difficult task while maintaining schedule and safety.


    Sandblasting required specialised tools to propel a high pressure stream of abrasive material at a surface. Sandblasting can be used to roughen a smooth surface, smooth a rough surface, give a surface shape, or remove surface contaminants. Inflector Environmental Services uses the latest Sandblasting technology and trained technicians to complete any job in a timely manner.


    Fire, water, and natural disaster damage can be devastating. These are major contributors to loss of property, and if not treated promptly, can result in large scale property loss.

    Each case of damage restoration must be treated differently depending on the source and extent of damnge. Inflector Environmental Services has the equipment and highly trained technicians to assess the situation, contain and clean up the damage, stop more damage from occurring, and treat the affected areas to restore your property to its original condition.