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Mould and fungus growth has become increasingly problematic for many home and property owners. It can have adverse health effects on the occupants of the space and should be addressed by qualified technicians as soon as possible.

  • Mould Remediation
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    Inflector Environmental Services is a fully qualified mould remediation firm. Our team of certified and specially trained personnel are equipped to provide mould remediation services in accordance with most recent Canadian Construction Association guidelines.

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    Generally, mould growth happens when elevated moisture concentrations are introduced into an indoor environment where common building materials are present. Water damage or high humidity levels, if present for extended periods of more than 24 to 48 hours, promote the growth of mould spores that are always present indoors. Most mould, releases spores and vapour into the air, causing a variety of respiratory illnesses and other health issues. Infants, children or people with immune system issues may be especially susceptible to mould’s detrimental effects.

    Our team will isolate contaminated area to prevent the spread of spores and vapours. We then remove the contaminant and carefully clean the infected area. Inflector has completed mould remediation services within single family homes, multi-unit residential developments, commercial, institutional, industrial, and high rise buildings.